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Reflective Striping

Reflective Striping


SKU: Reflective Striping

Reflective Striping







Reflective Striping Locations ipe

Ces Location Description Front Back

HUF     Horizontal Upper Front

STS     Shoulder to Shoulder

HUB     Horizontal Upper Back

DHB     Double Horizontal Back

BSB     Both Sleeves Bicep

HUP     Horizontal Under  Pockets

LMB     Lower Mid Back

AAC     All Around Coverall

BSF     Both Sleeves Forearms

JWB     Jacket / Coverall  Waistband

LSC     Long Sleeve Cuff

BLT     Both Legs Thigh

PLK     Pant Leg Knee

BLC     Both Legs Calf

PLC     Pant Leg Cuff
Reflective Striping Locations
  StripeCodes Location Description Front Back
LST     Long Sleeve Shoulder  to Cuff
FXB    Full X Back - OK with  suspenders

VTF    Vertical Front

UPV     Under Pocket to Waist

SSW   Side Seam to Waist
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